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Welcome in the holiday region Kelberg

Our unique landscape witha mountains peaks of Eifel basalt, green meadows and sparkling mineral springs may easily be discovered by foot, horseback or mountain-bike. A wide variety of walking and cycling tracks, outdoor swimming pools und tennis courts offers recreational facilities to all kinds of people. We would like to invite you to discover the Eifel in a different way.

Cycle Path "Vulkan-Rad-Route Eifel"

Get to know the inhabitants and their culture by cycling around the region. The "Vulkan-Rad-Route Eifel" is in ideal route for the ambitious cyclist, who is eager to explore the breathtaking beauty of our nature, on two wheels. This national cycling road connects the valley of the river Ahr with the one of the Mosel and promises an unforgetable nature experience in both, a sportive and enteraining way.

Historical trail "Geschichtsstrasse"

The historical road "Geschichtsstrasse" streches from Kelberg until Uersfeld with 13 kilometers and from Kelberg to Borler and back with a length of about 56 km. On the rail you will find again and again stops the mark authentic locations of grave mounds on natural monuments and much more. This route is especially developed for pedestrians seeking culture and nature but also for mountain-bikers that take interest in the geological and culture-historial context of the region.


For those who are devoted to motoring, the new "Nürburgring" is at a stone throw away and offers everything the heart desires.

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